Resident Services


  1. You MUST put the utilities into your name and reference your move in date or the date your lease starts, whichever comes first.
  2. Do not drive on the grass
  3. Be considerate of the other residents when parking on moving day. Make sure they can access the driveway or garage areas.
  4. Contact the post office with your new address; You can change it online at: USPS.COM – it takes less than 5 minutes.
  5. Maintenance items should be reported promptly to the office, your on-site manager or through your tenant portal- Not on the move in/check in sheet.
  6. Return your move in/check in sheet to the office or your on-site manager within 7-10 days after move in.
  7. Make sure all your boxes are flattened and put in the proper recycle bin.
  8. Rent is due on the first of the month.  You can pay online, through your tenant portal.
  9. The majority of our properties are NO SMOKING, so please advise your guests of this.
  10. Remember if you have any questions at all, we are here to assist you!  Call your on-site manager or our office.

Welcome to the neighborhood & Happy Moving!


Contact your on-site manager OR Call (920) 261-6311 for assistance.

WE Energies Contact Information-

  • Power Outage Hotline 800-662-4797
  • Gas Leak/Emergency 800-261-5325
  • Customer Service 800-242-9137
  • Website:

If you smell natural gas in your residence- GET OUT Immediately and call 800-261-5325 for assistance.


$100.00 Earnest Money required with Completed Rental Application

The earnest money deposit will be applied to security deposit or first month’s rent if the Agent enters into a lease or rental agreement with potential tenant. If this application is approved and potential tenant fails to enter into a lease or rental agreement with the Agent, the earnest money and any other subsequent payments may be retained to compensate the Agent’s costs and damages, subject to the Agent’s duty to mitigate. The earnest money and any subsequent payments will be refunded to potential tenant by the end of the next business day if: (1) This application is rejected, or withdrawn before approval; (2) if the Agent takes no action on this application by the end of the 21st day following the Agent’s receipt of the earnest money.